What are activities of daily living?

What is an individual care plan?

What are personal care services?

What is Simply Senior Living?

What is medication management?

What are levels of care?

What is home care?

What is hospice care?

What is a nursing home?

What is a care-inclusive or all-inclusive community?

What is an entrance fee?

What is senior living?

What is memory care?

What is independent living?

What is a community fee?

What is assisted living?

What are short-term stays?

How are nursing homes different from assisted living communities?

How is memory care different from assisted living?

How is assisted living different from independent living?

Is senior living more expensive than home care?

How are entrance fees different from community fees?

Why is senior living expensive?

I can’t imagine living in a senior living community; tell me why I’m wrong.

Why do some communities charge a community fee?

Why do levels of care costs vary so much between communities?

I can’t find a community on Simply Senior Living; why isn’t it included?

Why are entrance fees so high?

I need assisted living, but my husband only needs independent living; can a couple with different care needs stay in the same apartment?

The community that I want to live in does not offer medication management; how can I manage my medicines?

How are levels of care determined?

How can I pay for care?

How do I add a community to Simply Senior Living?

How can veterans pay for care?

Are entrance fees refundable?

What are shared or companion suites?

Can an additional care taker accompany me in the community?

Will communities drive and escort me to medical appointments?

How can communities help residents with diabetes?

Can I receive home care in an independent living apartment?

How much does it cost to use Simply Senior Living?

Do independent living communities provide medication management?

How does Simply Senior Living earn money?