9 Tips to KonMari Your Move to Senior Living

Moving into an assisted living community often requires a large downsize. This can be a heart wrenching task for seniors and their children. In this article, we discuss 9 tips, inspired by Marie Kondo’s tidying method, to make this process easier.

February 2nd

Understanding Senior Living Costs – One-time Costs

There are two main one-time costs in senior living: community fees and entrance fees. In this article, we breakdown both community fees (charged by rental communities) and entrance fees (charged by CCRCs) offering some tips and examples.

January 21st

Understanding Senior Living Costs – Monthly Costs

In this article we breakdown the primary monthly costs of senior living: rent, care costs (levels of care and medication management), and additional costs. We provide actual examples and charts to show how the costs for senior living can be compared between communities even if the pricing models are different.

December 17th

A Millennial’s Guide to Communicating with Your Grandparents

In this light-hearted article, I discuss how Millennials can communicate and interact with their grandparents by providing anecdotes from my personal experience on a trip to visit my grandparents in California. The use of technology and the generation gap are key themes explored throughout.

December 11th