Selecting a community can be difficult. A good strategy is to look at your needs, your preferences, your budget, and then weigh those across the options.

Your needs for senior living are typically the type of care, whether you need independent living, assisted living, or memory care and what level of care (1, 2, 3...). There are many websites that can help you determine your need in senior living, but typically if you need help with two or more activities of daily living (walking, eating, dressing, toiletting, bathing, managing medications) then you need assisted living as opposed to independent living.

A primary preference is location: proximity to grandkids or children, family, friends, institutions (churches, civic groups, doctors' offices, hospitals), or to shopping/entertainment may be important. Additional preferences include community size, apartment size, quality of finishes, and preferred activities or amenities.

Finally, how much you are able or willing to spend?

If you determine the care type you need, then weigh your preferences (proximity, community size, apartment size, quality of finishes, particular services or amenities desired) in light of your budget and compare your options, then you're onto a good start to selecting a community. Combine that start with a tour and a meal or two and you'll likely find a place that you love. Fortunately, there are many great senior living communities out there today, and Simply Senior Living is here to help you discover, compare, and connect. Happy exploring!